Health Project

Vanesa Petrova

Victoria Mack

Hour 2

This picture represents our friendship and how we worked on this project together as partners but in the end we were still friends.



This photo shows the feeling sadness. This is sadness because there is tissues around, the hood is up, can’t see the face, and in a corner in a washroom at school.

This picture shows the feeling happiness. This is happiness because by the look on the face, the 90 percent on the paper, and the big smile.

This photo is showing madness. This is madness because there is two people with serious faces, one of person with their hands up, and the people are not close at all.


This picture is showing breathing calmly. This is breathing calmly because she is sitting down in a resting sitting position, she has her arms and elbows relaxed, and she has calm music playing in her ears.

This picture is showing yoga. This is yoga because she is doing a yoga position, she is focused on her balance, and she is standing on a yoga mat.

This shows writing. This is writing because the person is writing a story, the story is expressing how she feels, and the story is really powerful to her.

Stress Management

This picture is showing an appropriate stress manager. This pictures represents listening to music as something that calms her down.

This picture shows that taking to someone about your problems helps manage your stress. If you talk about what’s bothering you, then you won’t be as upset.

This picture is showing that when you’re stressed with a lot of work, just take a break from it and calm yourself down and come back to it later.

Decision Making

This is angel and devil thinking. This is angel and devil thinking because she has one of each on her shoulders one good one bad, she is really thinking if she should be good or if she should be bad, and she is thinking hard and thinking twice before anything.

This is showing cons and pros list. This is cons and pros because she is listing them out, she is making a list of them, and she is thinking twice while writing them out.

This is showing recycling. This is recycling because she is throwing away a water bottle and paper where they belong, she is making the right decision, and she has thought twice and she is making the decision.

General Safety

Making sure you know where all fire escapes are. Making sure you go through al of the drills at school is something everyone should practice to stay safe.

Washing your hands is a way to not get anyone sick and to keep yourself clean.

Knowing what 911 is for and to make sure if you’re in trouble to call it.

Taking Responsibility

This picture is showing doing homework. This is doing homework because she got all her notes out, she is writing while looking up at the notes and examples, and she got a notebook by her full of work from class.

This is showing washing the dishes. This is washing the dishes because a cloth is being used to wash the bowl, good temperature to wash the bacteria off, and her hands are clean before she washes the dish.

This picture is showing cleaning. This is cleaning because she is wiping the table down, she wiping the table good with some chemicals in the paper towel, and she is cleaning the whole mess up.


This picture is showing friendship. This is friendship because both of each hands are locked up, mixed each other shoes, and having each other’s backs no matter what.

This picture is showing your significant other. This is your significant other because it’s showing happiness on both faces, one of the girls is kissing the other ones check, and both are supporting one another.

This picture is showing family. This is family because there is a mother and a daughter, they both are happy, and they are both being respectful to each other.

Responsible Sexual Behavior

This first photo represents that being protected is the second safest way to prevent any STI’s and or pregnancy.

Birth control is a safe way to prevent pregnancy but it can’t prevent any STI’s. So use protection too.

The safest way to prevent pregnancy and any STI’s is to be abstinent and wait until marriage.