“Joy Comes With a Price”

Joy comes with a price, yes you may think of toys and any entertainment, but no, thats not it. At all. Have you noticed with every good thing theirs about two bad things after? Well what about with every bad thing something good happens? No? Well either way with me its been good, bad, bad, good, bad, good, bad, bad. Here’s how it went down.

Good: I met a guy at a Halloween party. We hit it off, it was great.

Bad: Best friend got mad at me for talking to him.

Bad: Never talked and I once again had nobody.

Good: I met someone knew and we hit it off.

Bad: My birthday came around and yea he was their but my dad was so mad at me on my birthday, nothing could’ve made it better.

Good: I realized this guy really cared about me.

Bad: Just found out him and my “twin” have been talking since the day after my birthday, and now their dating.

Bad: Lost him and this girl.

It seems my bad outweighs the good, and honestly it’s hard but I can’t go to anybody because drama spreads like wildfires. Honestly all I want it just someone to talk to, like I talked to him, he cared about my feelings, he cared if I was at home sick, he cared about if my family was in more drama. But even through all of our conversations, I realized, maybe he just wasn’t meant for me. Yes, it sucks. Yes, I’m hurt. But am I gonna let this tear me down? I hope not. Again my friends are turning on me and I don’t know what to do. But I am writing on here so nobody from Greenfield can read this. So yes joy comes with a price, if it didn’t we’d all be living perfect lives. Thank you for reading.






Ex-Friend Drama

Yes, in high school there’s less drama because people are more mature. But honestly when it comes to relationships, drama comes in to play. Bad. I’m not saying names but let me just explain the situation and tell me your opinion…

It all started October 29th on a Saturday for a Halloween party. We were going by my “aunts house” i put it in quotations because my mom grew up with her. Their best friends so I call her my aunt. There was a lot going on with my friends family, so I invited him to come as well as my cousin Courtney. That night we were the three musketeers. It was so fun. Well we decided to go to the park before all of the kids started coming for trick or treating. Well when we got back to my aunts house, we were going into the kitchen for jobs to do.

As we were heading to the kitchen, a boy walked out. He recognized me cause I’m in one of his classes. So after some trick or treating us three musketeers and him and his friend were all talking while my mom made chicken wings.

While we were eating chicken wings, he kept saying I ate chicken like a black person and was joking around with me. It was fun. Well he’s a sophomore and his mom let him drive home, so before he left I said “Don’t get killed”. he replied that he was the one driving so I said again “I know, don’t get killed” well earlier in the night he added me on snapchat and said “If I get killed, before I fully die, Im going to post on my story a picture of the keys saying ‘this was for Victoria'” I never realized he was flirting…

When they came back that night his friend, my cousin, my friend, his cousin, and him went for a walk to the store. I stayed back to make sure my mom was safe cause she was drinking. But when they came back his cousin and my cousin both came up to me and told me he liked me… Well for the past week we’ve been texting and flirting. Well come to find out he has a girlfriend and my ex-best friend liked him. When I told her everything she stopped talking to me completely. Honestly if you were a good friend you would support me on this. I’m so done.

But thank you if you made it to the end of my stupid rant, but I needed to get that out… Cause I still like him, and his cousin keeps telling me he likes me but it’s hard to believe it. Thank you…

High School Isn’t All That Bad

Hey you sweet little innocent seventh and eighth graders. Big sis Torias here to give you some advice. Let your year last the longest it can cause those kids your sitting next to right now, well REALLY hate to be a buzz kill but you wont be next year. Everyone that was in my class last year is talking about how bad High School is. I’m going to be completely honest I think it’s pretty fun. Besides the beginning of P.E., It’s pretty great. I made my first friend the first day of school and didn’t even know her name… Oops? But now were better friends than me and Jalissa, and EVERYONE knows Jalissa.

At Burdick I felt like none of my friends really cared. But high school made me realize that their are people out there that are difficult, and not meant to be friends with but then there’s the other people that you we’re meant to meet. Honestly yea, high school is scary at first, about the second week is when you start really coming out of your shell.

  1. Because you know where all of your classes are finally.
  2. Because you feel more comfortable.
  3. Because you show everyone who you really are.

In high school there is drama, but WAAAAAAAAAYYY less than in middle school. Trust me, it’s like a no stress zone, well besides the homework. But honestly for me I’m getting less homework in high school than at Burdick. I’m not saying it’s going to be this way for everyone, it’s just the classes I picked for first Semester. And hey, fam, LISTEN TO MRS. REISTER!!! She’s honestly just trying to help. Without Mrs.Riester I wouldn’t be here in high school. And let me tell you, your summer before high school is going to be jam packed crazy. I didn’t want to believe my mom when she told me, but it’s sooooo true.

I’m writing this to say, your teachers are actually right this time, there is some of this stuff you need t0 know, especially ANYTHING about high school. I want everyone right now to look at the people next to you. You’re going to realize their not going to be your “brothers” or “sisters” or “besties” forever. Forever is non-existent. Trust me. And I know I’ve said that a lot, but c’mon now, I wouldn’t be saying it if I didn’t mean it. Now if you’r in a fight with ANYONE in your class or at Burdick, please I beg of you, please when the year is over, please try and forgive each other. As for graduation of eighth grade, well lets just say it’s no so easy. Its SOOOOO stressful. The clothes. The routine. The family drama. The whole thing goes by so smoothly until you see the video. I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST OF LUCK!!! I really hope you took notes from this.

Big Sis out!



Heart Break

I’ve already gone through so much pain from someone. Her name was Leslie. She was the one who told me she liked me, it was on a Friday. So on monday I had made a sign to ask her out. But guess what? it was a no. Over the last two weeks since I’ve asked I have been going through such a hard time. Lately I’ve wanted to break down and cry but I’m trying my hardest not to. I have already lost most of my friends due to drama and stuff. I’m not being bullied, the school and teachers are great, the friends I still do have are great, and even though my family is falling apart my friends have been there.

I’ve gotten pushed down the stairs by Leslie, I’ve had a bonfire with my sister after the first game, and my grades are pretty good.

Next week Friday I have off and want to visit Burdick but I don’t know if they have off. So if you still go to Burdick please comment and tell me if you do or not cause I miss everyone so much. Well I’m off to swim in P.E. with my crush. BBBYYYYYYYYEEE!

High School

GUYS!!! Literally realized I haven’t posted in a while again… It’s hard to keep up with this stuff when you’re so involved with homework and  friends after school, and you barely have time in school. Right now I am in english, 6th hour… but I am going to post a deep blog like I did later on this week, so keep your eyes open plz. BUUUUTTT I actually like me schedule.

Hour 1: 2-D Art

Hour 2: Keyboarding (typing)

Hour 3: Algebra

Hour 4: Biology

Hour 5: Study Hall

Hour 6: English

Hour 7:P.E.

In the blog I’m going to talk about all my classes and my daily after school schedule. BYYYYYEEE FOR NOOOOOOOWWWW!!!

High School

None of us eighth graders were ready to go. You can say you were but it’s obvious we all weren’t. Now here I am, a 14 year old girl from Milwaukee Wisconsin from a small and non known school called A.E. Burdick. Now to a 14 year old girl living in Greenfield Wisconsin to a big high school that’s well known. I never get to post anymore and I realized I never posted a blog on my first day. So I’m going to post how these past two weeks have went for me so far.

September 1st/ Thursday: So frustrating. I couldn’t find any of my classes so I tried to hurry before the bell rang. On the first day I tried making at least one friend in each class. I did for the most part.

September 2nd/ Friday: It went a little better. Officially had at least one friend in each class which was pretty great. I’m liking all of my teachers and classes so that’s pretty good.

September 6th/ Tuesday: My Labor day weekend could’ve been better but it is what it is right? SUCH a bad day. After lunch I forgot I had study hall and thought I had English so when I realized I had to make my way all the way back downstairs to get to study hall before the bell rang. So besides that pretty good besides the curl up test. Got a D or C

September 7th/ Wednesday: I had the flexibility test and I got an A . Nothing realy happened besides the start of some drama. I found out that Zach Wilcox went to Greenfield along with Bella Ortiz.

September 8th/ Thursday: Had the pacer test ad got a F because me asthma kicked in really quick. No drama today. But ALL of my friends keep trying to go to homecoming. Like no. I’d rather sit at home watching The Walking Dead.

September 9th/ Friday: WISH ME LUUUCCCKKK

Reality Hits

It’s time to face reality. We’re all almost adults. We’ve become Freshman this year. Some people already started school and some of us are still waiting for September first. Not all of us are going to see each other day like we used to at Burdick. I hope you all survive. I’m writing this to express what I feel now. During the school year, I would always the girl who got overly attached and when you would ask what was wrong I would push you away. I never was the prettiest or the skinniest. But I always had a group of friends. Known as Libby Otto, Diana Luque, Nathalie Nowak, and Clara Marsh. Again not all the prettiest or the skinniest, but that’s what we loved about each other. We were all different races, sizes, but all beautiful and faithful.

During my eighth grade year at Burdick school I made friends that always went to Burdick but I just never talked to. Those people are known as Betsaida Garcia, Adam Nguyen, Celeste Santiago, Nuala O’Conell, I guess Allen Vaughn, Marquis Williams, and Matthew Voith. Only some popular’s. Otherwise we were the out casts. I was fine with it knowing I had my friends or as I call them, my family. Graduation day was actually harder than I thought. The ceremony went great but as soon as I saw that video I couldn’t hold in the tears knowing we’ve come so far.

I can’t even explain how happy I am for everybody. There all growing up. But I am too. I’m growing up. I honestly hate it. I wish life and time would slow down. Everybody’s probably over that stage of sadness and leaving friends behind but here I am crying over memories. Since this is one of the few blogs I have posted this summer I’m going to share my favorite memories.

First of all dance class. How we would put on popular songs and just dance an then our classmates coming in looking at us weird. The ice skating field trip. My mom chaperoned, I fell twice and everyone thought it was funny until they fell. The pictures are amazing. Celeste and I with our picture goals. XD. The brewers game walking around recording Jalissa do the trust falls. Mr. Skonecki protecting us like his daughter when guys had signs with “free hugs” written on them. and lastly the sleepovers we had during the school year. I’ve come a long way with these people and I have to give credit to not only them but to also our teachers. So thank you…




Once Was and Forever Will

We were once known as the Burdickians. We always will be but were more than that. If you cared enough to look at the people around you an notice that nobody’s really your enemy. We were all just your family maybe always disagreeing. 

My mom told me that the summer before highschool is most likely going to be jampacked crazy. I didn’t want to believe her but it turns out she was right. Im babysitting 24/7 and when I’m not, the only person who really wants to hang out it Courtney. It feels like now that summer has come, my “friends” have gone. I don’t think a lot of you are going to read this, but it feels nice rembering that this is really how this Burdick family started. The fights. The wishes. The talks. The fandom’s. We were all polar opposites but that never stopped us from trying to make new friends now did it?

 So back to my title quick. Once was and always will. What do you think of? A duo like Batman and Robin? Or foods that taste good together. I had something different in mind. “Once a family always a family.” A quote written by Victoria Mack. Once you meet someone and spend most of your life with them. Its hard to let go. In this case, I’m glad I got to spend my eighth grade year with to most greatest people in the world. 

Toria out…🐷💚

High School

High School: A place where old memories fade and new memories are made. In my point of view, theres many opportunities that we’re too scared to take. High school is going to make us realize that we should always take that risk. I always thought that we were going to lose in touch with our friends from elementary school. But someone named Diana Luque made me realize that we wont if we try to keep in touch. Our generation has a thing called social media and phones. We can always text or call each other. Unless you move far away and have no phone, we will always talk. It may not be everyday or every week but maybe just once in a while to say happy Birthday, or Merry Christmas.  All I want to say is High School is going to be a new and harder chapter in our lives. I may not be ready for it yet, but I know some way I will manage. This school has been my home, and everybody in it has been my family.

Next year I am going to Greenfield High School, home of the hawks. Where the have a swim team, football team, soccer team, and so on. I’ve been at this school for seven years, and now that I’m in 8th grade and leaving, I wish I could go back to the first day I came here. I was bullied, but I would live it again. It’s been a long chapter, but it’s ended well. This is one of my shorter posts but I hope you all do well in High School. Comment down below which High School your going to, and pictures down below of the school I’m going to next year.


A Member Of The Burdick Family,

Toria Mack🐷💚

gfpool Greenfield’s poolgfclassroom

A classroom at Greenfield.school                               The school from afar.theatre

Greenfield’s Theatre.gfgym The gym  when BMXers came.